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Stout Bowman financial advisors is a financial planning and wealth management firm in Mechanicsburg, PA serving the greater Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania and several other states

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Prevent Identity Theft
A checklist of things you must do to prevent a hacker from stealing your identity

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Things to consider when planning for your social security benefits

Medicare Pitfalls
Medicare pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when applying for and enrolling in Medicare

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Things to consider when taking the required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts

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Sample Financial Planning Report
A sample financial plan

Sample Social Security Plan
A sample analysis report to maximize a client's Social Security benefits

Strategic vs. Tactical Investing
Article authored by Matthew Stout and Marc Bowman that appeared in the 2nd Quarter 2012 edition of Harrisburg Commercial Real Estate Review

Financial Calculators
Financial calculators to help you with making personal financial decisions

2016 Charity Golf Tournament Pictures - Susquehanna Service Dogs
Pictures from the charity golf tournament to benefit Susquehanna Service Dogs

2018 Charity Golf Tournament Pictures - Orders For Love
Pictures from the charity golf tournament to benefit Orders For Love

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Located near Harrisburg in Central Pennsylvania  Contact page with map

555 Gettysburg Pike Suite C-100, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055