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Greetings to you!

We hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and finally enjoying some fall-like weather!

Because of the still precarious nature of the pandemic and the challenges of trying to plan safe and enjoyable group gatherings at this time, we have once again made the difficult decision not to hold our holiday parties. We will certainly miss spending that time with you, but the health and safety of everyone involved continues to be our top priority.

We are, however, holding appointments in whatever format you are most comfortable: in-person, phone, or Zoom / Skype. The circumstances of the last 18 months might have brought changes to your personal, financial, or employment situations that we can help you work through. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime you have questions or to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

As always, we thank you for allowing us to serve you! We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season of good health and much joy and happiness!

Market Commentary

Quoted from Schwab Market Perspective: Is the Price Right?. A summary of the key points of the article appears below.

How rapidly and for how long will prices rise? That’s still the million-dollar question. Although inflation pressures are clearly present—the Consumer Price Index surged 6.2% year-over-year in October, the biggest jump in 30 years—investors have been uncertain how strong or prolonged these pressures will be. Stock prices have continued to rise, while corporate profit margins reached multi-year highs in the third quarter. Despite the Federal Reserve signaling the beginning of the end of its easy monetary policies, 10-year Treasury bond yields unexpectedly fell.

Meanwhile, regulators approved the launch of the first Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a step toward even broader adoption of cryptocurrencies, as the price of Bitcoin surged to a new record high.

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