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Listing of Our Estate Planning Blog Articles

Listing of Our Estate Planning Blog Articles

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How to Put Together Your Legacy Drawer

If your family loves you unconditionally now – and they probably do – there’s an easy way to keep that love alive after you’re gone.

Should Children Inherit Equal Wealth?

Dividing up your estate among offspring can be a tricky business.

Losing an Inheritance Is Easy, Because Saying No Is Hard

Many beneficiaries view their inheritances as free money, experts say, and some run through their sudden wealth on cars, major house renovations, and large gifts to children.

Beware, the IRS is Eyeing Your Inherited Money

One of the perils of being well-off is the constant risk that the federal government and/or your friendly state and local tax collectors will figure out new and different ways to snatch more of your wealth, especially wealth that you earned the old-fashioned way: by inheriting it.

Beginner Estate Planning

For millennials, it's never too early for estate planning.

Letter Of Intent Will

While it has no legal standing, and a letter of intent cannot override a will, it can be an invaluable document for your family in any kind of an emergency, not just your passing.

Supreme Court Decides That Inherited IRAs Are NOT Retirement Accounts

On June 18th,2014 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that, for the purpose of federal bankruptcy law, an inherited IRA is no longer considered a “retirement account” and is therefore accessible to creditors in bankruptcy. Learn how to protect your heirs.

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