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Listing of Our Cybersecurity Blog Articles

Listing of Our Cybersecurity Blog Articles

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144 Million Medical Records Hacked

Over 144 million Americans' medical information was stolen or exposed last year.

What Is Smishing?

The term “smishing” is a combination of “SMS” — or “short message service,” the technology behind text messages — and “phishing.”

How Cyberstalkers Could Access Your iPhone Using the Windows Phone Link App

Windows Phone Link is a free Microsoft app that lets people view and access phone calls, text messages, and notifications from their smartphones directly on their Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Top Hidden Dangers of Your Smart Home (and How to Stay Safe)

Our homes are filled with smart tech these days: you may love the convenience of spotting packages from video doorbells or asking Siri how many fluid ounces are in a cup (it’s eight!).

See a Random Thumb Drive? Be Wary!

Slimy hackers are using a trick that always comes back because it works: scattering infected thumb drives in public spaces, like parking lots or offices, to carry out their malicious activities.

Warning: Check Fraud Is Rising

If you use paper checks and send them through the mail, it may be time to stop.

How to Scrub Yourself from the Internet

Unfortunately, you can’t fully scrub yourself from the internet. A bit of you will always linger, whether it’s in data-broker databases, on old social media you forgot about, or in the back of someone else’s vacation photos on Flickr.

Seven Things To Never Search For On Google

You might consider yourself a tech-savvy individual who would never fall for an online scam. You regularly mark suspicious email messages as spam, and you never click anything that doesn’t seem legitimate.

Set Up Your Financial Accounts Like You’re Going To Be Hacked

Your bank account is one of the most important things in your life to protect from hackers.

Seven Ways Someone Can Hack Your Phone

RSA (an American computer and network security company with a focus on encryption and encryption standards) says that 70% of online fraud is done through mobile platforms.

A Story of Stolen Credit Card Information

An analysis of how online thieves steal your credit card information and what can be done to prevent this from happening to you.

Freezing Your Credit File

Now you can freeze your credit file for free. Learn about this new tool to manage your credit.

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